Associate Membership Examination

"Only those having educational standard equivalent to that of a Diploma in Ceramic Technology/Engineering or a Bachelor of Science degree with Mathematics as a compulsory subject and any one of (i) Chemistry,
(ii) Physics, (iii) Geology as a combination subject or graduate with a combination of Zoology, Botany & Physiology in Bio-Science and with Physics and or Chemistry may also be eligible provided he/she had "Mathematics" as one of the compulsory subjects in the +2 level and have in either case 2 years' experience in a glass/ceramic laboratory or a plant and have attained a standard of general education and knowledge of ceramics satisfactory to the Council, shall be eligible to sit for the examination".

 Fees for Registration & Examination:
At present the Examination is held once in a year at some selected places in India depending upon the number of candidates and various fees in connection with examination and the rates are shown below :-

i) Registration fee / Renewal (valid for 5 years) Rs.7,500.00
ii) Examination fee (per subject) Rs.1,500.00
iii) Registration Form Fee Rs. 500/=. Candidates desirous to appear in the AssociateMembership Examination should submit their applications in the prescribed form along with a non- refundable registration fee of Rs. 7,500/- to register their names forsubsequentexaminations.

iv) Examination Form Fee : Rs.500/-.

v) Late Fees :
Upto due dates : Nil
After due dates to 1st week :Rs. 1,000/-
After due dates in 2nd week : Rs. 5,000/-

No extra payment for Enrolment fees to be charged. All fees will to be effective from 1 st January, 2011.


N.B. : All payments must be made by Bank Drafts drawn in favour of “Indian Institute of Ceramics” payable at Kolkata.

Last date of receiving application for exam 2016 on or before 16th August 2017.
  Application Form for Associate Membership Examination For Old Syllabus   Click here
  Application Form for Associate Membership Examination For New Syllabus   Click here
  Application for Registration Form    Click here
Results will be communicated to the candidates individually within four months from the date of completion of the examination.
Each candidate qualifying the final examination will be compulsorily made Associate Member of the Institute against payment of Life Associate fee of Rs. 3,500/= only.

Syllabus , Prospectus ,Prescribed forms for application and other details of examination available from the office of the Indian Institute of Ceramics against payment of Rs. 200/= only.



 The following syllabus of Glass Science & Technology of Part—II (B), Group—II is as follows :


Full Marks — 50

Glassy State ; types of glasses and their chemical compositions, Physical properties of glasses, density, refractive index and dispersion, thermal expansion and thermal stresses, toughening of glasses, strength and fracture behavior of glass and its articles, surface tension, Viscosity, variation with temperature and composition, relation between viscosity and crystallization. Measurement of viscosity of glass.

Theory of colorization and de-colorization of glass. Acid-base concept of glass.

Refining, Refining mechanism, Refining agents, factors affective refining.

Chemical durability of glasses ; factors affecting the chemical durability, measurements of chemical durability of glass.

Glass ceramics ; Nucleation and crystal growth in glasses, nucleation through micro miscibility, nucleating agents, properties and applications of glass-ceramics.

Manufacture of laminated safety glass, photosensitive glass, photo chromic glass, foam glass, Defects and testing of glass wares.

General idea of glass plant layout and elementary idea of manufacturing scheme.



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